Industrial Applications

Heated metal rolls are an important element for many manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional hot water, steam, oil or gas heating, Comaintel’s Induction heating proposes a unique way to heat the rolls more efficiently than any other methods. But also, Comaintel’s induction heating provise the benefit of controlling the resultant heating profile. This allows manual or automatic correction of hot roll center or cold edges. This profiling capability allows the correction of any changing thermal load on the roll face from the process or the roll ends.

Comaintel’s Induction Roll heating systems are already successfully used for caliper and gloss control in the paper industry.

Advantages :

  • Correct shape problem related to non-uniform roll heating.
  • Increase the production capacity.
  • Non-contact roll face heating.
  • No hassles of rotary union or electrical slip rings.
  • Successfully use since 1983 in paper industries.
  • Successfully use since 2000 for metal rolling.

industrial_applicationsOnly Comaintel unique technology guaranty more than 90% of the energy transferred as heat into the roll.

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