Induction: The Solution for Optimal Flatness Control - january 8, 2016

Induction: The Solution for Optimal Flatness Control

Comaintel is proud to announce the improvement of its innovative xCore Induction Coil along with its unique OptiDriver 6kW for work roll heating. Comaintel has succeeded in developing the most powerful and versatile Induction Roll Heating system in the market today.

This unique system is used in many industrial processes, improving product quality output and increasing mills productivity. With up to 100kW per meter capability along with its 4 size zone selection (30mm, 60mm, 75mm, and 120mm), Comaintel Systems are offering Metal Rolling Mills all the flexibility they need to address Flatness Control issues (like edges cracks and strip breaks), reduced Mills Speed, and more.

Comaintel Induction Roll Heating systems have successfully been implemented at many World Leading Manufacturers in Metal Flat Rolling showing significant ROI.

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