R & D

With over thirty years of experience in Induction roll heating, Comaintel’s expertise is second to none. In fact, Comaintel’s personnel invented the Induction Heating Caliper Control Back in 1983 and have been at the forefront of roll heating technology ever since. The success of this technology, now a standard in the Pulp and Paper industry, has been implemented to many different applications such as: converting, embossing and aluminum rolling mills. Induction Heating rolls uniformly, rapidly and efficiently is our technology, our expertise and our passion.

Our team of Engineers has extensive knowledge in both power electronics and induction work coil design, providing you with tailor made solutions for your specific induction heating needs. Whether you require an off-the-shelf solution or a custom made one, we design induction coils for every application from 12 meters wide heat setting rolls to 4 inch diameter converting rolls.

We will help you evaluate your heating needs, design and help install your induction heating systems. Because induction heating is very different from traditional heating methods, we will guide you and help you obtain all the benefits of Induction Heating for your process.

R&DUsing the latest technology in power semiconductors, passives and our own proprietary technology, we designed the most efficient and reliable converters on the market.  Our patented standard xCore and Opticoil designs are made to fit a great number of applications while maintaining very high efficiency. Custom made Induction coils can be designed for your specific and unique needs.  We continually develop new products and technologies, striving to improve your process.