The Challenge:

Our client (a leading manufacturer of PMC and Engineered Fabrics) was looking for a better energy efficient source to heat PMC and EF products for the size stabilization process (energy source used: hot fluid through roll). Especially for products used in critical industrial processes where the porosity pattern uniformity was highly important. Main challenges:

  1. Reduce energy consumption ;
  2. Correct zone heating uniformity for optimal porosity profile fabrics treatment; 3) Speed up process for productivity gains.

Objective: Find a solution to heat up roll uniformly for optimal porosity pattern.

The Solution:

Induction Roll Heating Systems (IRHS) are widely used in the Paper and Metal industries as a highly efficient heating source for caliper control. It is also very much valued for heating up rolls to specific temperature through narrow zones (60, 75, 120, and 240 mm), improving roll temperature uniformity.

It is very difficult to uniformly heat up a roll using a wide single energy source (like hot fluids, hot air blower, electrical resistance, IR, etc.) because of localized convection and radiation losses along the roll. Comaintel tailors each system with the proper heating zone profile (60, 75, 120, and 240 mm). The system layout is designed to address the optimal power density, temperature, and zone sizes matching client’s processes.

Comaintel’s Solution implemented:

  1. Installed 120 mm Comaintel Induction OptiCoil Coils (100) on a 12 meter wide roll;
  2. Comaintel OptiDriver 6 kW Power Module, providing the potential power equivalent of 100kW per linear meter (30
    kW per foot);
  3. Comaintel’s Serial Link Server to connect the monitoring and control systems (ModBus).

In summary, the heat applied to the roll using induction corrected heat uniformity across the entire roll length. By using Comaintel’s IRHS, it became easy to produce PMC and EF with the highest quality in terms of material porosity and size stability. Significant reduction in energy costs was one of the payback compared to the gas boiler heating a fluid circulating through the roll.

The Results:

Comaintel’s IRHS brought tangible results to this client which generated significant payback:

  1. Improved product quality leading to less waste and customer complaints by heating roll with a required temperature pattern and controlling independent power output for each coils (zones);
  2. Increased Mill Speed significantly;
  3. Reduced energy consumption by 40%;
  4. Reduced insurances costs compared to high pressure hot fluid system;


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