COMAINTEL’s Induction Systems to improve Industrial Heating Roll Process

Rubber, Textile, Plastic, and Wood industries can significantly benefit by implementing Comaintel’s Induction Heating Technology and Know-how. Whether it’s to improve surfaces finish, increase mill speed, or improve product quality, Comaintel’s Solutions have generated important savings and payback to its customers.

Heating work roll is essential in many manufacturing processes, from the Pulp & Paper industry using induction heated work roll for pressing, drying and calendering, Rubber and Plastic manufacturers using it for melting, vulcanizing, and pressing, Textile for drying, sizing, and printing, to the Floor covering industry for pressing, drying, paint-transfer and laminating of their end products. However, heating rolls have brought some production challenges and issues using conventional heating systems.

Production Issues:

  • Slow production process to insure product quality;
  • Difficulties at keeping consistent heat across work rolls;
  • Very long start-up process (too long to heat rolls);
  • Production quality is inconsistent using conventional heating solutions (IR, heated oil or lubricant, hot air blowers, etc.);
  • Hard to keep temperature control along roll to insure process consistency;



Comaintel’s Induction Heating Technology and Product Line addresses each project with the same approach: by inquiring your production issues or your process improvement objectives. Our goal is to make sure we recommend the best suited solution with the highest ROI for your company.

Based on Clients’ feedback on Comaintel’s products and solutions implemented, we have shown the following benefits:

  • Increased mill speed;
  • Faster start-ups and roll changes (very fast roll heating);
  • Improved control of gauge and profile or pattern transfers;
  • Less waste product;
  • High power efficiency (up to 95%);
  • Lower energy costs;
  • Higher and consistent roll temperature (across face roll);
  • Easy retrofit (Comaintel’s Induction Heating Systems can be adapted to almost any processing equipments).


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