COMAINTEL’s Induction Roll Heating to improve Pulp & Paper Processes

Comaintel has built its Pulp & Paper (P&P) expertise and its exceptional know-how in the industry through more than 30 years of Induction Heating Technology development.

Comaintel’s Product Portfolio has been developed by the inventor of the Calcoil Induction Heating Technology, now widely used by many P&P companies Worldwide. Over the years, Comaintel has extended its product line to improve and address P&P production issues.

Production Issues in P&P:

  • Inconsistent moisture across calender rolls;
  • Difficulties to control paper caliper;
  • Moisture streaks;
  • Inconsistent gloss finish;
  • Slow production process to insure product quality;
  • Difficulties at keeping consistent heat along work rolls;
  • Production quality is inconsistent using conventional heating solutions;
  • Slow start-up with production transition.


Comaintel’s Induction Heating Technology and Product Line has been developed addressing production and technical issues raised by its long list of satisfied P&P companies and OEM partners. Comaintel’s expertise and products has brought significant payback and benefits. With Comaintel’s Induction products and solutions, we have demonstrated the following tangible benefits:

  • Increase mill speed;
  • Significant improvements in paper caliper control;
  • Improve greatly gloss and smoothness;
  • Reduce high moisture calendering;
  • Eliminate moisture streaks;
  • Less product waste ;
  • High power efficiency (up to 95%);
  • Lower energy costs with xCore high power efficiency;

Comaintel’s induction heating is used on many paper machines in 15 different countries.

Comaintel’s Induction System suggested for Paper Calendering / Caliper Control :


Paper Calendering Caliper Control

Case Studies